To: Public Subject: Stolen firearms This year officers at the Dalles Police…


To: Public

Subject: Stolen firearms

This year officers at the Dalles Police Department have recovered several stolen firearms. Some of these have come from car break-ins. As a responsible gun owner, you can help prevent your firearm from being stolen. Here is how-

Avoid storing firearms in your vehicle.

While many people keep firearms inside their vehicles for concealed carry purposes, long-term storage in a vehicle poses a high risk of theft. Instead, keep your firearms under your direct control, and store them in your residence when they are not immediately needed. In addition, many auto manufacturers now offer aftermarket secure locking compartments, which can also help deter theft.

Keep your firearms in a secured location.

When firearms are stolen, it is often a crime of convenience. Keeping firearms stored in a secure area serves as a deterrent for criminals and keeps firearms out of children’s hands. Firearms should be stored in a gun safe. Storing them in a lockbox with a trigger lock can also be effective.

Keep copies of serial numbers separate from your firearms.

If you are a victim of firearm theft, the most critical piece of information you can provide to the police is the serial number. The serial number provides us with a specific identifier of the firearm, and most importantly, it allows police to inform other law enforcement agencies that your firearm has been stolen. The serial number is key to returning stolen guns (and other property) to the rightful owner. Here are a few ways to document your serial numbers:

· Write down the serial numbers and keep them in a secure location
· Photograph your firearm serial numbers
· Email yourself the serial numbers of your firearms

These are a few simple ways to keep your firearms and community safe. If your gun is stolen or lost, reporting it to the police immediately gives us the best chance of recovering it for you.

Posted By Gorge Connect via City of The Dalles Police Department.

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