Prevent Frozen Pipes


The weather forecast calls for sustained very cold temperatures in the next week. You can save yourself the hassle and cost of emergency repairs by taking a few simple steps to reduce the risk of burst pipes when freezing weather sets in:

  • The Public Works Department puts thermal blankets on City water meters to prevent freezing. Please do not pull out your meter lid to check if it is insulated because you could accidently damage the wire connected to the meter box lid.
  • Drain or blow out all irrigation systems.
  • Remove hoses from outside faucets and install an insulated cover on faucets.
  • Insulate or install heat tape on water pipes exposed to the cold.
  • If you have installed heat tapes, check to be sure they are working.
  • Make sure all foundation vents are closed or plugged.
  • Secure basements against the cold. Fill drafty cracks and repair broken windows.
  • Look for your main shut-off valve, usually located where the water pipe enters your house. If you do not have a main shut-off valve, install one in case of emergency.

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