Writer’s Grove Virtual Retreat

Imagine a chunk of time to slow down, listen and create. Express your inner voice or vision onto the printed page or canvas. (Just like you dream of, but never quite get to.)Feel the magic of expressing what you’ve longed to express.
Write Away at the Writer’s Grove, a monthly virtual circle for Creatives and Visionaries.
Perfect for writers, artists or musicians who hunger to:
= Unblock your intuition to have clarity about your book or creative project.
= Find the time to get into a flow so that the ideas in your head come onto the page or canvas elegantly and smoothly.
= Connect more deeply with your idea and its authentic voice.
= Find the ease, grace and flow of creating from the inspired place that your idea came from.
=Express the soul of your writing/painting/music, hearing its voice and progression more clearly.
= Feel the support of kindred souls who get your gift & its struggles-and see you to the other side.

And since it’s the start of a new quarter you can attend this retreat or join the next 3-at a greatly reduced quarterly membership fee!!

Step into a sacred container, exploring simple practices to create a plan that works, address any challenges, create needed breakthroughs, and get into some dedicated time creating! (If you’re using another art form, that works too!)

Jump-start your creative process in the new year. Gather in a small creatrix circle for a day. There’s even an easy way for you to do this monthly!
$55 for this session or $99 for quarterly membership (next 3 sessions for the price of 2!)
For Details and to Register: https://magdalenepath.com/writers-grove-virtual/

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