Writer’s Grove Virtual Retreat

As spring starts to pop, we still might have trouble focusing in on our creative endeavors. (So. Many. Distractions!) This virtual retreat allows you to listen within and let your creative muse to express herself as deeply as you desire.
Do you long to…?
– Jump-start your creative process.
– Unblock your intuition to have clarity about your book or creative project.
– Discover time to get into a flow so that the ideas in your head come onto the page or canvas elegantly and smoothly.
– Find the ease, grace and flow of accessing an inspired place.
– Connect more deeply and express the soul of your writing/painting/music, more clearly.
Enjoy an afternoon of creative flow via Zoom. Step into a sacred container, explore simple practices, express your soul, on and offline. Feel the support of kindred souls and see your project (& its struggles) to natural completion in Divine Feminine grace.
More details and pricing options at website link.

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