Cascadia High Speed Rail, LLC (CHSR), in conjunction with Transportation Economics & Management Systems, Inc. (TEMS), is hosting a webinar on June 10, 2021 at 10:30 am Pacific Time to review the TEMS Inc. Tier 1 Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) study results.
The EIS study evaluates in greater detail the social, economic, transportation and environmental impacts of the Cascadia High Speed Rail corridor. It is anticipated that this public-private partnership can stimulate the economy, increase jobs, build wealth and only require a modest contribution from the public sector.
The environmentally progressive Pacific Northwest is a prime location for the world class electrified CHSR corridor network that is connected at transportation hubs with light rail, streetcar, buses, bikes and water taxis.
Cascadia High Speed Rail provides carbon reducing, safe high speed transportation over 250 mph
According to the financial prospectus prepared for the CHSR business case:
• The central segment of the corridor is Seattle to Portland, which can be extended south from Portland to Eugene, and north from Seattle to Vancouver, BC. All three segments have independent utility and are each justifiable in their own right.
• The 460-mile corridor will experience strong demographic growth. It is anticipated that I-5 corridor travel will increase over 35% by 2050.
• The CHSR travel time will be half the driving time and a third of the Amtrak time. Portland to Seattle in 58 minutes, Portland to Eugene in 45 minutes and Seattle to Vancouver, BC in 47 minutes.
• The corridor was designated in August 2016 by the USDOT Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) as the Cascadia High Speed Rail Corridor and was immediately available for USDOT funding.
• Over 50% of the total project cost can come from the private sector.
• The CHSR study team webinars engage with local leaders, businesses, stakeholder agencies, organizations, and the public to further explain the study.
• There will be additional opportunities for public and agency involvement to further define the project’s purpose and need.
For additional information or to register for the webinar, click here or visit https://cascadiahighspeedrail.com/webinar-register/

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