Virtual OMSI Science Pub: Dynamic Geology of the Oregon Coast

How to watch the event: Visit or join us on YouTube
MAR 2, 2021 | Virtual Edition | 6:30-8:30PM | $5 suggested donation (
Dynamic Geology of the Oregon Coast
with Scott Burns, PhD, Professor of Geology at Portland State University
The Oregon coast lies at a plate boundary where the Juan de Fuca Plate is crashing under the North American plate. This “subduction” causes dynamic geology of large earthquakes and tsunamis about every 500 years. The origin of the rocks of the coasts is interesting from the headlands of the north coming from basalt flows that have flowed across the state to uplifted sea floor! The southern Oregon coast is made up on the Klamath Mountains which are parts of continents just stuck onto Oregon. The sediment of the beaches is constantly in motion creating spits and bay barriers. The town of Bay Ocean literally eroded into the sea because of a jetty put in the wrong place. Many sand dunes are present along the coastline – how did they get there and why are they growing? Landslides have a huge history on the coastline and many examples will be discussed. What is the origin of our famous sea stacks like Haystack Rock? It is one exceptionally beautiful place with some great stories!

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