Using Art to Uncover Unconscious Dominance and Recognize Privilege

This online workshop will provide participants with time to examine and understand how social conditioning has led them to internalize expectations of dominance–and although taught in unconscious ways–has allowed them to maintain their positions of privilege.
This workshop will utilize creative arts methods and group dialogue to aid participants’ reflection on their collusion with systems of dominance.
We will begin by reviewing the concepts of power, privilege and dominance, and will invite personal reflection, and small and large group discussion. Participants will then make art reflecting on these themes.
Following this workshop, participants will have the ability to:
– Name at least three of their personal privileged identities
– Demonstrate at least two ways to uncover their unconscious biases using art and reflection
– Practice at least two methods for recognizing and naming when their actions may have upheld their positions of privilege in therapeutic relationships
The workshop is designed for practitioners to help understand their identities and how they have been conditioned to maintain dominance. An increased understanding of these dynamics will increase participants’ ability to recognize when their dominant responses arise when working with marginalized individuals, creating an opportunity to internally address and mitigate expectations of dominance.
Participants will need writing and art making materials on hand for this workshop. This can include traditional materials (paper, crayon/pencils, paint, clay) or household items.
– – – – – – – – –
Dates and Time: Thursday & Friday, June 10 & 11, 2021, 1-4 p.m.
Instructor: Owen Karcher, MA, LPC
Cost: $125 by 5/13, $150 after. Includes 6 CEUs. Alumni and Adjunct Faculty save 20%.
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About the Instructor
Owen Karcher (he/they) is an art therapist, author, and social justice consultant. He co-founded the Center for Community Healing, the first LGBTQ focused art therapy center in Wisconsin. They work with the individual and collective healing of trauma and oppression through embodied, creative expression. Owen facilitates group processes that invite participants to learn how power, privilege, and identities impact their relationships and work. He has fifteen years of experience working in the fields of mental health, violence prevention and intervention, child sexual abuse, HIV/AIDS, building healthy relationships, LGBTQ resiliency, and organizing towards social justice.

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