Tree Pruning I (online)

Advance registration required, $35. Discounts available for PlantAmnesty members and full-series registrations.
This is a two hour slideshow on tree pruning (not including fruit or nut trees). How to prune a tree limb will be covered, including branch collar identification and the basics of compartmentalization.
Also discussed-early training of trees, included bark, double leaders, ANSI tree pruning standards, crown cleaning, crown raising, utility line clearance pruning, mature tree pruning.
Mal-pruning will be shown and defined (tree topping, lion’s tailing, over-thinning), as will crown restoration. Some specific trees will be covered-magnolia trees, ornamental crabapple, cherry and purple-leafed plum trees.
Classes held in partnership with PlantAmnesty.
This lecture series is designed for those who work in landscape maintenance and advanced home gardeners. Each lecture provides information on tools and techniques for quality pruning with better long-term results and customer satisfaction.
Classes held weekly on Thursdays, January 21 – February 25, and delivered virtually using Zoom.
UW Botanic Gardens does not allow re-selling of tickets, and will never post the link to the class on Facebook. If you see either of these activities, do not engage, it is a scam.

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