Trail Timer Hike

Trail Timer Memaloose Hills Wildflower Hike is on April 23, 2021. We will meet at the Memaloose Rest Area Eastbound at 9:30 AM to sign up and circle. The directions to Memaloose Rest area Eastbound are at the end of this email.
Do not plan to be back in Portland until late afternoon.
HIKE PROTOCOLS: Every hiker is personally responsible to follow the protocols at all times. These protocols are for the benefit of the WHOLE group. For Friday’s hike whether you are fully vaccinated or not please wear a mask during the signup, circle time and during the hike and keep a distance of 6 feet from other participants. If during the time we are climbing the steep hill up Chatfield Hill you want to take your mask off and have been fully vaccinated, please keep a distance from others of more than 6 feet.
MEET TIME & PLACE: Let’s meet at the Memaloose Rest Area Eastbound at 9:30 AM. Those who want to carpool can make plans on their own. During the Pandemic the Club discourages carpooling so will not meet up to form carpools. But whether or not to carpool is up to each person and the driver. If you do carpool please compensate the driver for the ride. SUGGESTED CARPOOL GAS CONTRIBUTION: $10.00. Parking passes are not needed at the Memaloose Rest Area Eastbound.
HIKE DESCRIPTION: We will be hiking up from the Memaloose Rest Area. After about .5 miles we will stop at the Memaloose Overlook where we will get wonderful views up and down the Gorge. We will be able to see Coyote Wall and Catherine Creek just across the Columbia River. We will then continue a gradual uphill hike to a spot between two hills (Marsh Hill and Chatfield Hill). We will first hike up Chatfield Hill then hike Marsh Hill. We will stop for lunch on Marsh Hill.
HIKE DISTANCE & ELEVATION GAIN: The hike is about 4.8 miles with about 900-feet elevation gain overall. Most of the elevation gain is a steady uphill hike along with one fairly steep section when we hike up Chatfield Hill. But along the way – we will be treated to a colorful display of wildflowers – and at the top of Chatfield Hill a wonderful 360-degree view of the Gorge and inland toward Mt Hood.
LUNCH: We will be eating our lunch along the trail. Our lunch spot will be on top of a flower covered hill (Marsh Hill). Because there is poison oak and ticks in the area – bring a large plastic garbage bag to use as a ground cover to sit on and place your backpack on.
RESTROOMS: There will be restrooms at the Memaloose Rest Area.
WHAT TO WEAR: Long pants that you can tuck into your socks and and/or use gaiters (to keep poison oak off your lower legs and to keep ticks from getting to you). A rubber band around the cuff of your long pants can also keep ticks from getting under your clothing.
WHAT TO BRING: WATER, Tick spray, walking poles (for dirt trails with some rocks, hills > up & down, and to keep poison oak plant branches away from you), sun hat & sun lotion (sunshine is predicted), tick spray (for your pants around your shoes and lower pants). wind breaker (strong cool breeze from the Gorge on top of the hills).
THEFT: Theft is common at Gorge parking areas. Do not leave items/valuables in your car that would encourage break-ins. Best to even empty your glove compartment pf items. If you are going to put things in your locked trunk. Do this prior to parking at the trailhead. Carry all items that you bring along with you.
AFTER THE HIKE: For those of you that like ice cream – there is a very good place to get ice cream in Hood River for those that might want to stop on the way home.
DOGS: No dogs please.

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