“The Slow Regard of Hidden Things”: Music and Art

Tonight’s presentation pairs Myra Clark’s work with music by Hildegard von Bingen as the artist discusses the materials, objects and process of creating this exhibit.
Myra Clark’s new body of work, “The Slow Regard of Hidden Things.” was created specifically for the space at Blackfish Gallery. This exhibition feels its way through the question of what it means to be a white, middle-class woman who is an artist, wife, and mother. Responding with quiet, tender images created from tissue paper, wallpaper paste, glassine, and plaster resting on six small Greek pillars, her answers pose riddles rooted in the passage of time and the feminine. There is mystery in these objects echoing through antiquity and into the present, giving weight to the fragility of form and substance. What is hidden, what is unseen, becomes an invitation for the viewer’s imagination and interpretation.
Viewable on our website www.blackfish.com or on our youtube channel: @blackfishgalleryvid

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