Terrarium Workshop

Creating terrariums are a great and therapeutic way to learn more about plants and the unique environments we can create to help them flourish. Your little garden will be created inside a mason jar with rocks, sand, plants and a couple of decorative items. You’ll learn how to keep them flourishing with your instructorJaime Paiser and hopefully you’ll even pick up a new hobby to share with friends and family.
All materials are included in class fee. Ages 12 and up.
When:June 18th 5pm-6:30pm
Materials included:
Mason jar, Soil, Pebbles, Polka dot plant, Creeping fig ivy, Ferns
Covid-19 guidelines:
All participants must wear their masks at all times. We will keep work stations at least 6ft apart. We are keeping our classes to a maximum of 5-6 people depending on the class. We will assign seats, so if you are coming with a friend(s) and would like to sit together we ask that you email us prior to the class so we can make arrangements for your seating.

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