Stevenson Loop 10-Miler

Join us for this challenging an scenic loop up and around Stevenson, Washington on Loop Road. This 10-mile loop course is on paved low-traffic roads that will lead you up and around the hillside above Stevenson. Earn some epic views of the Columbia River Gorge, Bridge of the Gods, and the surrounding hills as you climb nearly 1,400′ of elevation in the first half of the race, then enjoy downhill as you make your way back to the finish at the Skamania County Fairgrounds.
Current participant limit is 200. We will waitlist everyone beyond that. Registration is $20 for non-members and $5 for CGRC members.
Registration link:
Course map:
Race Details
• Registration will be limited to 200 participants, and might be increased if County is in Phase 3. No more than 400 participants will be allowed in Phase 3, even thought state guidance would allow up to 750 for Phase 3
• Number of volunteers and spectators will be limited to 200, and face coverings and 6-foot spacing will be required for all spectators near start/finish area or other points where people might congregate on course.
• Race director, or designee, will be trained on this plan and serve as the on-site COVID-19 supervisor for the event
• Only on-line pre-registration allowed. No day of race registration
Bib Pick Up
• Volunteers will wear face coverings
• Participants will be required to wear face coverings and maintain 6′ spacing in line
• Bibs will be pre-labeled to ensure efficient distribution
• Sign will be posted at start of bib pick-up line instructing participants that they cannot participate if they been diagnosed with COVID-19 (have not recovered or are still within the required 10-day isolation period), had symptoms of COVID-19 (within the last 24 hours), or had contact with a person that has or is suspected to have COVID-19 (within the last 14 days).
• 6 foot spacing required for lines
• Hand washing station and/or sanitizer provided
• Restrooms will be sprayed down with sanitizer every 15-30 minutes of use
Race Start
• Instructions will be provided on passing and aid stations before start
• Racers will be released in waves of 30 participants, with each wave separated by 1 minute. Faster participants will be released first to limit any passing on course
• Subsequent waves will be instructed to remain back from starting area to limit people near starting line
Race Course
• Runners instructed to provide space if passing and aim to provide at least 6 feet spacing from other participants on course whenever feasible
Aid stations
• Participants will be encouraged to bring their own water bottle
• Only water will be provided in self-serve cups spaced out on a table for participants to grab, if desired.
• Volunteer setting up aid station will wear face covering and gloves when filling cups and ensure cups are all spaced out on table with 6″ spacing to ensure participants only touch the cup they will use
Finish Area
• Chip timing will be used to avoid any contact with race officials and participants at finish line
• Participants will be instructed to wear face coverings and maintain 6 foot spacing from other participants
• Food and beverage will be limited to self serve
o Single use sealed food bags
o Beverages in coolers will be separated so that participants can self serve and avoid contacting any container beside the one they plan to take
o Volunteers filling food and beverage containers will wear face coverings and gloves
• Race participants will be instructed to space out and avoid hanging out for more than 30 minutes after they finish

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