Stargazer Dinner

Be here as the sun sets and the stars come out to play! Get so close you feel like you can reach out and touch them! Relax while watching the stars and constellations hover over the peak of Mt. Hood.
We will have a couple of telescopes for you to use but feel free to bring your own star viewing gear!
Make sure you’re not star-searching on an empty stomach! We will be hosting our Stargazer Dinner again this summer, with an astro-inspired theme! Price is $35 for adults and $19 for kids ages 12 and younger, and must be purchased online in advance.
Four Course Dinner Includes: appetizer of “Moon Cheese Puffs” (Buttery pastry mantle, raspberry orbit, almond space debris), “The Rocket Man” salad (rocket greens, roma crunch, alien fingers, red dwarf tomato, asteroid eggs, four dimensional onion, space hog vinaigrette), your choice of entree – “Pluto Pork Chop” (Bone-in loin chop, Orion potatoes, Marsala demi-glace, green bean spicules), “Interstellar Ravioli” (moon cheese filled, artichoke, red planet peppers, magnetic mushrooms, space dust) or “Quasar Chicken” (galaxy wild rice stuffed, Saturn spinach, Borealis carrots).
Want to make a day of it? We have scenic chair rides, hiking, geocaching and games on the deck! Make a night of it and reserve an RV Parking Spot for Friday and Saturday night!

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