Spring Mushroom Foray

Do you want to connect more deeply to the forest and the food you eat? Join the spring treasure hunt as you learn the basics about fungi; the often overlooked yet crucial and fascinating organism of our forests. Get to know look-alikes, habitat indicators and elevation basics for common spring edibles. We will cover the basics of mushroom identification, proper foraging technique, and how to prepare and preserve your mushrooms. We can’t promise a basketful of morels and porcini, but we can promise to give you the tools to hit the jackpot on your own! Let’s spend the day together in the forest! This workshop will take place near the town of Trout Lake, WA. An exact meeting location will be emailed with more details to students 5 days prior to the forage.
This workshop is open to all adults 16 yrs & over, who are prepared to hike all day (rain or shine) on uneven terrain, off-trail. This is not a suitable workshop for those with health conditions that may be triggered by hiking, carrying a backpack, or being outside for 5+ hours in variable weather conditions. Finding morels or other edible mushrooms is not guaranteed. A high level of education, however, is guaranteed! Please leave dogs at home. No previous experience necessary. A detailed packing list is included in the confirmation email, and info about our foraging location will be provided 5 days prior to the workshop date.

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