Sourdough Baking

We will go over the benefits of creating a sourdough practice, how bread can be a nutritious base to your diet and of course how to mix and bake a beautiful loaf of sourdough bread! This is great for anyone who has just started dabbling in sourdough bread making and is looking for a little guidance and inspiration to keep it going.
Zoom link:
If people would like to mix their bread along side the instructor, here is a simple bread formula they could have ready:
3/4 cup (200 g) of sourdough starter (ready when it floats)
3 – 3.5 cups (750 – 850g) water
3 7/8 cups (500 g) whole grain flour
4 1/8 cups (500 g) of bread flour (or AP flour)
4 teaspoons of kosher salt or 2 teaspoons of table salt (25g)
Emily Squadra has been a professional baker for about ten years, focusing on whole grain & sourdough baking. She now teaches the wonders of baking through Wildflower Baking School, which aims to connect bakers to the land they live on through whole grain and sourdough baking classes. You can learn more at

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