Social Entrepreneurs – PDX Speed Networking Meetup

Social Entrepreneurs Meetup – PDX Speed Networking Event – Moving to Zoom
Thursday for Social Entrepreneurs: Now on Zoom
If you are a social entrepreneur or just someone interested in the subject and wanting to meet others with like minds, we always have a vibrant and diverse set of folks come to our Meetups. Some are in business, some are working to start one, some are in nonprofit or government, and some are students or recently moving into the area.
Thousands have met and have made long-term relationships through this meetup.
Everyone has something they need and something to offer. So instead of doing a sales pitch, come with what you want to ask from the world and what you can offer others.
Keep it brief and enjoy an engaging conversation about what you need and what you can offer.
Each round there will be three people in each room, each participant gets five minutes to chat within a group of three. In fifteen minutes, we change rooms so everyone meets two more new people each round. We generally do four to six rounds.
****The limit is 21 people. Come early. If you don’t get in by 6:05, you may not be able to join.
Each participant sitting online at 6:05pm will be assigned a participant number.
Each breakout room will have a letter; A, B, C, D, E….
***Each participant will need to refer to the table that will show you what room you need to move to each 15 minutes round. The table will be on the screen at the start of the event and you will see it between each round.
The breakout rooms will close every 15 minutes. You will get a 30 second warning to wrap up.
It is your duty to move to the right room. Do not stay behind or move in the wrong order as it will completely block the other participants trying to move where you should not be.
Please verify that you are in the right room at the start of each round so everyone gets the most out of the event. You can also ask the host for help at any time.
Please do not RSVP if you are not coming as we limit the seats.
You will receive the Zoom link after you RSVP.
Below are the instruction for those who have not used Zoom as well as very important information on how to join the breakout rooms.
Please DO NOT start this process at 6pm and expect to join the event. First time Zoom users need to give themselves 10 minutes to setup.
You can use Zoom on your phone or PC. The phone is a bit of a hassle as you need to hold it or have it on a tripod or stand of some kind. However, it is nothing to get it setup.
1. If you prefer to use your smart phone, simply install the Zoom App and follow the instructions.
2. Then you only need to click the Meeting link in the email notice to join the meeting.
Please make sure you provide your name. I won’t accept unidentified people into the event.
3. If you wish to use your PC and don’t have Zoom installed on your PC; you can install Zoom as follows:
– Download the and install the installation file from here:

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