Sense of Place – Magical, Menacing, and Magnificent Wildlife

Mt. Adams Institute presents a Sense of Place Lecture:
Magical, Menacing, and Magnificent Wildlife: How to Ensure Their Future in the Gorge with Bill Weiler
The Columbia River is home to some incredible wildlife species; some are unknown to many, while others may be common species, with surprisingly fascinating stories. Who are these creatures that share our home? Why are some considered magnificent, and others are feared or even misunderstood? Wildlife biologist and longtime Gorge resident, Bill Weiler, will highlight some of our local fauna and share some hopeful scenarios about how we can keep wildlife thriving throughout the Gorge, especially if we all contribute.
This year we are offering free admission to Sense of Place lecture events. However, producing the events is costly. We know it is a challenging time for everyone, but if you are able, please consider making a donation to support the production of this program. We are suggesting $10+ donation for each lecture you attend. We greatly appreciate your support!
To learn more or RSVP visit:

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