Salmonellosis in Pine Siskins

Free event, register on Zoom beforehand:
Guest speaker: Dr. Ian Cossman, DVM
In the last few months, we have seen a huge irruption of Pine Siskins in northern Washington as they migrate through our neighborhoods. While they have been strongly welcomed by birders, their arrival has been encumbered by an outbreak of salmonellosis. In the past month alone, we have seen at least 68 affected animals at our hospital. Fortunately, birders have the power to reduce infection rates before they ever arrive at our door. Join Dr. Ian Cossman, DVM, Wildlife Veterinarian at PAWS Wildlife Center as he discusses the history of Salmonella (and other) outbreaks in anthropogenically supplemented populations, the ways in which bird feeders impact wild populations, and how you can help to control the current Salmonella outbreak.
Dr. Ian Cossman graduated from the UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine in 2019. He completed an internship in Small Animal Medicine at the Veterinary Specialty Center in Seattle, and is currently a veterinary intern through the Partners for Wildlife program taking place at PAWS Wildlife Center. His primary background is in seabird rehab, but he also has completed field studies in Western Pond Turtle populations and has an interest in zoological and companion animal medicine.

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