Sacred Sensual Women – 8 week online course

Do you want to experience more pleasure? Feel more confident in your body? Feel energetically resourced, alive and excited for life?
The Sacred Sensual Woman is an 8 week online course that will support you to go from feeling insecure, disconnected and ashamed of your bodies & sensuality to feeling confident and empowered so you can fully trust yourself, experience deep intimacy in life and love, and reclaim your pleasure & joy.
this course is for you if…

you feel insecure, numb or disconnected to your body & pleasure
ashamed of your sensuality & desires
unable to trust yourself, express yourself, prioritize yourself
past experiences continue to block you from the intimacy you deeply desire
spiritually untethered and looking for a deeper, richer experience of life
energetically depleted, stagnant and creatively uninspired


want to explore the depth of your pleasure
become your own best lover
learn the art of sacred sexuality
feel turned on by life!

Your Teacher: Kristin Knight is a certified women’s embodiment coach, tantra teacher, and voice for women’s empowerment. She has coached numerous women in the field of love & intimacy in a way that feels professional, safe, healing and nurturing.
Visit event website to learn more! Spaces very limited.

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