Rad◦i◦cle: National Forests on Stolen Lands (Part 2)

This new series of workshops within Bark’s Rad◦i◦cle Activist Training Program will focus on the history and impact of how the U.S. federal government turned Indigenous land into national forests, including forced removal of people, termination of native title, nullifying treaty agreements and terminating tribes.
With so much to cover, we have altered the content of this workshop a bit! The time period covered in Part 1 of this event is roughly 1776 through 1860, digging into the ideologies, laws, and policies that were used to legitimize and authorize white supremacist settlement and domination of the land and the exploitation and oppression of Native nations and people, including an examination of the Treaty making period in Oregon, specifically.
The discussion continues in Part 2 covering the developments of the late 1800s into the turn of the century in “preservation” and “conservation” which lead to the creation of what we now know as “public lands.” We’ll also take a closer look at the Assimilation, Allotment, and Termination Periods in U.S. Indian Policy, as well as an investigation of the last 100 years of interactions between white conservationists, the federal government and Native Nations including some of the most recent court rulings and other developments.
Part 3 (date TBD) will cover 20th century U.S. Indian Policy and settler-colonial “public” land management interacting with Native Self-Determination movements today.
This workshop is part of Rad◦i◦cle, Bark’s activist training program.

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