Persistent Pain Education Program

Our Persistent Pain Education Program (PPEP) is a series of eight presentations that educate people in a comprehensive, pain-management approach. Each 90-minute talk is led by a different healthcare professional including a physical therapist, clinical psychologist, clinical pharmacist, sleep specialist, dietitian and therapeutic yoga instructor.
The classes help people living with chronic pain to address multiple areas of self-management that can ultimately lead to decreased pain and improved quality of life.

Free- virtual class.
Call to register-541-296-7319…/persistent-pain-education-program/

– To understand at least three changes that occur in our nerves and brain in a chronic pain state.
– To learn at least two relaxation/breathing techniques that can be used throughout the day to calm the nervous system and reduce muscle tension.
– To identify three foods to eliminate from your diet to reduce systemic inflammation.
– To identify three meals that promote reduced systemic inflammation and that can be easily prepared.
– To improve your mindfulness regarding your daily movement patterns, in the home and community, such that you continue to breathe deeply and keep your muscles relaxed during three different activities that normally cause you pain.

1/26/2021-Andy Roof, Physical Therapist-Explain Pain
2/2/2021-Tracy Dugick RD-Nutrition & Pain Management
2/23/2021-Jill Kieffer, RN-Mindfulness Meditation
3/2/2021-Jill Kieffer, RN-Mindfulness Movement
2/9/2021-Eric Holeman, Pharmacist-Chronic Pain I
2/16/2021-Eric Holeman, Pharmacist-Chronic Pain II
3/9/2021-Paul Cardosi-Pain and Sleep

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