Oregon Troublemakers School

Gather with worker and community activists from across the state to exchange experiences, learn the secrets of successful organizing, and discuss proven strategies for standing up to your boss.
Workshops and Presentations:
Race and Labor
How to Organize a Winning Strike
Building an Inclusive Union:
Challenging Sexism and
Homophobia on the Job
Bargaining for the Common Good
Assertive Grievance Handling
Secrets of Successful Organizers
…and lots more!
Fri May 14: 5-7pm
Sat May 15: 10-3pm
Sun May 16: 10-3pm
Register: labornotes.org/oregonvirtualTMS
Questions? Call 971-998-7340
Email labornotespdx@gmail.com
Fee: $10 nobody turned away for lack of funds

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