Online Event: Starting a Food Cart Business

Learn all the steps required to open a food cart business in the Portland area. This workshop covers licensing, agency approvals, estimated costs, and other issues that can lead to a successful food cart business. Join us!
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Portland has long been a trailblazer in the food cart business. Of course, if you’re just getting started you’ll want to be sure that planning stays within the guidelines of this metro area and not based on anywhere else. This workshop will take the confusion out of getting your food cart business to comply with local guidelines.
You will find answers to your questions, including:
•How do I get my business license in Oregon?
•How can I estimate all the costs involved?
•What are the different ways to launch my business?
•What agencies can be of help in making my business successful?
Presenter: David Blass
David Blass is a business professional with over 35 years of experience. While his career focus has mainly been with entrepreneurial start-ups, he also has large corporate experience. After spending 7 years in the restaurant industry, Mr. Blass moved into the high technology field. During this time, Mr. Blass started his own business (and sold it), reinvented two businesses and is currently the general manager of a small company in the flat panel display industry. He also spent nine years at Sharp Electronics. In addition to his professional business career, Mr. Blass is also an artist and past participant of Saturday Market and other art venues selling his artwork.

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