Newborn Sleep – Online Workshop

This 90 minute newborn sleep education course is intended for new and expecting parents.
Are you expecting a new baby?
Are you new to this parenthood thing with a cuddly babe at home?
Are you tired and struggling to get through the day-to-day life with a new baby?
Are you motivated to get your little one sleeping well before your parental leave ends?
Do you worry about what kind of sleeper your little one will be?
Do you have a toddler who wasn’t a good sleeper so you want to help your new baby in ways that you didn’t know to help your first kiddo?
Are you wanting to be proactive about your newborn’s sleep by building healthy and safe sleep foundations from the start?
If you answered yes to any of these questions, then THIS newborn sleep education is the place for you!
Sleeper Teachers will cover all things newborn sleep including behaviors to encourage, sleep safety, day/night confusion, common sleep “pitfalls” to avoid, feeding needs, napping recommendations, wake windows, sleep milestones and the dreaded sleep regressions. We will offer 30 minutes of a Q&A at the end of this course to ensure that your specific questions are answered!
The target age for this group is prenatal through 12 weeks (adjusted age).
PS — Don’t forget about the new parents you know! The gift of sleep makes a great baby shower surprise!
Cost: $50

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