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Thanks to an enthusiastic and encouraging response from participants, the Columbia Gorge Orchestra Association is bringing back the CGOAcademy for a new semester of online music instruction. Using Zoom, CGOA Artistic Director and Conductor Mark Steighner will be teaching three courses aimed at anyone with an interest in learning to understand and appreciate music a little better.
The weekly classes include “A History of American Pop Music and Jazz,” “The Musicals of Stephen Sondheim,” and “The Music of Now: 20th and 21st Century Music.” Additionally, a class called “The Singer’s Toolkit: Tips and Tricks,” will be taught by several guest instructors about topics of interests to vocalists. Most of the courses run for 8 weeks and each class lasts approximately an hour.
Comments from the first semester of classes were overwhelmingly positive. As one student remarked, “I found the music appreciation class to be very enriching. It was nice to see and hear from the other participants, and Mark’s instruction was detailed, interesting and fun. I am glad to have expanded my horizons with different types of music, and I now have some great tools to appreciate new music that I hear in the future.”
Steighner said that originally, the concept of the Academy came from the desire to keep CGOA musicians and patrons engaged during the pandemic, as live rehearsals and performances are impractical. “However, the Academy also provides welcome social engagement and conversation. The students in the classes had lively and interesting conversations and discussions about the music.”
Although class enrollment is not free, students can pay whatever they want for each course, from $20-$40. All proceeds from class enrollment go to help support the Columbia Gorge Orchestra Association. Registration for the term will begin December 21 through

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