Mothers and Babies

Mothers and Babies is a 6 week course. It is an evidence based program that reduces stress and promotes healthy mood management. The program focuses on:
Tools and support for pregnant and new moms to help manage stress
Promoting healthy bonding with baby
Promoting healthy communication and social support
Techniques and activities to help babies learn
During the six week Mothers and Babies program, you will learn:
Ways to think about and interact with your baby to create an emotionally and physically healthy reality for him or her.
Helpful information about your pregnancy and your baby’s development.
Ways to manage life stress and improve your mood so:
-You can feel better and enjoy life more.
-You can teach your baby how to manage life stress as he or
she grows up.
-You can avoid mood problems such as depression/anxiety.
Taught by Traci Church, Certified Mothers and Babies Teacher Traci has been a parenting coach since 2019, in early 2020 she began leading virtual Mother and baby support groups.
Traci’s passion is to offer families support, education and connections to local resources, in order to support them as they embark on their parenting journey.
Register for the online zoom class here and you’ll receive a link:

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