March First Thursday VIRTUAL Artist Opening, Talk & Tour

Join us for the virtual reception of our March exhibition! Tune in to our Facebook Live to listen to the artist talks and see the new show. Exhibiting this month we have artists Kelsey Birsa and Edie Overturf with Kanetaka Ikeda in the Backroom Gallery.
**Like @blackfish_gallery, @kelseybirsa and @eoverturf on Instagram and comment during our FB Live to enter to win a print from Edie Overturf or a sketch from Kelsey Birsa!
6:00 – Opening by Blackfish Gallery Director
6:05 – Artist talk by Edie Overturf
6:20 – Artist talk by Kelsey Birsa
6:35 – Artist talk by Backroom Gallery artist Kanetaka Ikeda
6:50 – Artist talk by Fishbowl II Artist Alex Meyer
In her current series, Kelsey Birsa explores her experiences of the quarantine and the feelings of anxiety and depression that it has created in herself and many others. She sourced images from her remote online community and included mixed media and abstraction in her process as a reflection of the recent chaos of current events. The past year has been a rollercoaster of emotions for many us, ranging from frustration to compassion and confusion to hope, as we navigate a world of information overload. While we each experienced 2020 a little differently, Birsa’s latest series of paintings illustrate how we are together in our loneliness.
Edie Overturf’s relief prints, drawings and sculptural work use the relationship of image and text to formulate narratives. Through indirect gesture and guiding vocabulary, the viewer is invited to weave their own connections. Much of the imagery and use of text were developed to give voice to her own frustrations and despair. Our world has held so much anger and so much fear, magnified under capitalism and today’s political oppression. The pandemic has highlighted unresolved discord and disparity in the foundations of American life. There’s no individual story that encapsulates the communal experience of pain, loss, anger and anxiety. There are moments of fatigue from fighting to merely exist, let alone, to thrive. Flashes of anger and resentment when seeing strangers’ unmasked faces. The loathsome ache of grief and loss that is universally understood, yet painfully isolating. Inequities, injustices, and tragedies that have existed among us for far too long being exposed. This collection of work is an attempt to put words to that heaviness, to connect with others across a great distance. Through a process of collecting, naming, and giving forms to these feelings, Overturf hopes to create a space for viewers to process, grieve, and untangle their emotions.

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