Life Casting Workshop with Peny Wallace

July 10: 12-5pm / July 11: 12-3pm
2 Day Workshop
Limited to 6 participants.
Participants will work with class partners and learn the basics of Life casting, casting either two hands in a pose or a hand and a face in a pose. The process uses alginate as the impression medium. When the alginate is ‘set’ the model will be released and the casting medium will be mixed and poured into a ‘mother mold’ casting. The casting will semi-harden overnight and the second day the ‘mother mold’ will be taken off and ‘edited’ to complete the final casting. Participants will take home the Life casting and finish when completely dry. A ‘finishing’ materials and instruction list will be handed out as well as tools to take home for finishing.
Registration Fee: $120 for the 2-day class + $40.00 materials fee. (Material payments are paid to the artist before the beginning of class, paid via check or cash.)
Wear comfortable clothes
Apron or protective shirt for clothes.
Lunch and or snacks each day

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