Justice in Healing & Learning

For the final night of the Village Building Convergence, we focus this virtual conversation on permaculture,, with a two part panel. The first hour will focus on “Education Justice” and the second half will move to “Healing Justice.”
Panel #1: Education Justice, 6-7pm (Pacific Time)
We have four inspiring professionals who each work in an important realm of guiding people in their learning journeys. We will meet these practitioners and get to know a little bit more about who they are, how they came to this work, what they consider to be “the work” and their approaches. Themes will likely include decolonization, nature-based learning, mentorship, and of course justice.
More about the presenters
-Cecile: Decolonizing Nature-Based Education
-Monica: Urban Permaculture for Public Schools: Bringing integrated learning to New York City
-Kelly Hogan: Nature-Based Learning and meeting the needs of the developing child
-Emily Zionts: Peace Education, gender, disability and mentorship.
Panel #2: Healing Justice, 7-8pm (Pacific Time)
Event Description: What lies at the intersections of healing and justice? How do we center collective liberation? We will be featuring speakers from the Atabey BIPOC Medicine Council for an informal conversation about the potency of collective healing with the allyship and support from our plant friends.
More about the Council can be found here: http://seedandthistle.com/atabeymedicinecouncil

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