Indie Film Series: Black Voices

Independent voices are more vital to our culture, and more in need of support, than ever before. Make a difference and join the Portland Film Festival in amplifying filmmakers monthly with Indie Film Series. The first month will spotlight on Black Voices in honor of Black History Month.
Indie Film Series: Black Voices
February 18 – February 21, 2021
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Details on how to view Indie Film Series: Black Voices will be released close to the Series start date.
Black Thoughts (PG-13) by Dwayne Logan
Aiming to bridge the divide that exists between embattled Americans, Black Thoughts places viewers within the history ravaged mind of a broken-hearted Black man, as he contemplates how confusion has kept citizens engaged in an endless cycle of conflict.
A Litany for Survival (R) by Martin Hawk
‘A Litany for Survival’ explores the shades between love, rage, and rebellion as a black person surviving in America. Two months before the shocking revelation of Daniel Prude’s murder video surfaced, BLM activists organize at the Mayor’s house to make their case for equal human rights in the heavily segregated city of Rochester, NY.
No Lye: An American Beauty Story (PG) by Bayer Mack
The ethnic beauty industry begins with the African-American desire for hair straighteners and skin lighteners in the Reconstruction era after slavery. By the 1960’s, the sale of black health and beauty aids had blossomed into a multi-million dollar business heavily influenced by the civil rights movement. A decade later, innovative styles and products transformed the market into a billion dollar industry, and African-American manufacturers began facing competition from non-black corporations. Award-winning independent documentary that chronicles the rise and decline of the black-owned ethnic beauty industry in America.
Black Seeds: The History of Africans in America by Bayer Mack
Won BEST DOCUMENTARY FEATURE at the Denton Black Film Festival

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