HRSC Healthy Hooves Presentation

Healthy, sound hooves are a MUST, and there’s much to know and learn, so please mark your calendars for Tuesday, April 5th. Our guest will be farrier Dan Hedrick, who lives in Corbett and serves the greater area.
As a full-time farrier, Dan has been shoeing horses for eleven years. He’s always seeking new information and continues his own education to keep up with changes in the industry.
“I do hot and cold shoeing, corrective shoeing and barefoot trims,” says Dan, who has also been successful with lameness issues, such as navicular, caring for abscesses, laminitis/founder and quarter cracks. “My focus is on patience, honesty and quality in my work. I appreciate the invitation to speak at HRSC and look forward to an informative session where we can all learn together.”
Dan will cover a broad range of issues, such as structure of the foot, how to maintain healthy feet and hooves, proper (and improper) shoeing, ailments and injuries, what to look for in a properly trimmed/shod hoof, shoe recommendations for specific activity and more.


Apr 05 2022


6:00 pm - 6:00 pm

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