Healthy Soil and Water, Farmers growing event! Free, locally sponsored!

High Latitude Farms along with other local sponsors bring you Save the Beer, a water conservation education campaign! Free drinks and alcoholic beverages (21+ years only!) and other fun items.
Come learn about using nature to fix the problems we have created with nature. Also learn how our solutions can help prevent frost damage and recover quicker from pretty much any issue that faces farming. We have all the third party sources- current long term clients and customers- 3rd party reputable data from places that lead agriculture research like USU, and we will share with you, answer your specific questions and get you in contact with amazing simple and revolutionary clean and sustainable tech, all for free at this event.
Why? Because we at Save the Beer have help many people in the networks of your local farmers, like High Latitude farms to take their production to the next level in unique but still basic – natural- ways, or with technologies that mimic nature in ways to make growing whatever your crops are – quite literally – better, faster, stronger.
We know you will be impressed, because every single person in our network is there because the same reason- great solutions, great prices for actual goods and services, and no buy-in or upfront consulting costs or anything- we are just geeks of nature and want to spread the word and hook up those in our network that have the cool revolutionary back to nature solutions!
We will also have long time local customers at the event for personal face to face reviews and Q&A and even business expertise!
So come let us show you some really cool stuff, we already have about a dozen Gorge area farmers committed to showing up, and we really hope to see you there too!
Please fill out this link: that we can keep you updated with our sponsors (we will send upon request, or by default just ONE email the day before the event to remind you! No spam!)
Location: High Latitude Farms
4241 Punchbowl Rd, Hood River, OR 97031
When Friday May 6
No registration necessary but preferred so I can update you the day before with changes, again no spam, we promise! 🙂
Also, relevant because our simple awesome stuff helps cut fertilizer by 30%, so lets get the healthy stuff growing and have fun doing it!
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May 06 2022


3:00 pm - 8:00 pm

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