Fresh Start 2021 – Entrepreneur Workshop Hosted by CMBA

*** Please note this event requires paid submission***
Have you ever wondered what it takes to build your business and be a successful Entrepreneur? Join us for an amazing workshop that is a series exploring three different aspects of how to making your business successful!
This workshop covers the following objectives and will provide individuals with practical tools and tips to improve start your business off right in 2021 :
– Elevate Your Image
– Developing Your Brand Story
– So You Want to Be an Entrepreneur?
$25 Members
$50 Non-members
CMBA Platinum Members FREE
2 Raffle Giveaways will be drawn after the first and second presentations.
*All money collected goes towards the CMBA Charitable Giving Fund in an effort to reach our 2021 goal of $3000*
If you are interested in learning more or to buy a ticket, please visit our website

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