French Impressionism Art Tour at the National Gallery of Art Washington DC

Online|Live French Impressionism Art Tour
Take a virtual tour of the French Impressionism Art Collection found at the National Gallery of Art. Your guide Meghan will point out her favorite Impressionism Artists as she takes you through the different key artists in this dynamic modern art movement. You will enjoy seeing several Claude Monet, post-impressionism, and learn what defines impressionism art. We will start the tour by taking a look at the iconic sculpture Little Dancer before moving into the National Gallery of Art Impressionism Exhibit Hall.
The work that emerged from these rogue painters was infused with lightness, energy, informality, and authenticity. Why? Because these artists of French Impressionism painted En Plein Air: they went out into the landscapes from which they were working to observe and paint the changing light and colors in real-time. The Impressionism art definition is widely talked about, and it is one of the most popular and beloved art movements to date. The National Gallery of Art has spectacular Impressionism and Post Impressionism artworks that will change the way you understand the Impressionism art definition.
We will walk you through the rise and fall of this fabulous art scene by looking at several iconic artists and their work: Claude Monet, Auguste Renoir, George Seurat, and Vincent van Gogh.
This tour is conducted through Zoom. please download the Zoom App to your device prior to the tour. In order to log into the tour, you must log in to your EventBrite account with the email that you used to purchase this tour.
About Your Art Tour Guide Meghan
Hello, my name is Meghan Hanson, I’m looking forward to being your next tour guide. I started out my career with a Bachelor of Arts from Indiana University in Anthropology focusing on Museum Studies and complimenting it with an Art History minor. I spent a few years as the Guest Services Coordinator for the Frank Lloyd Wright Robie House in Chicago IL. It was there that I was able to truly experience the interplay between life and art.
I love looking at what art says about the life we live, the life we hope for, and the life we try to hide. Since becoming a Certified International Tour Director that lesson has informed my commentary no matter what venue or city I am in. I am delighted to be working with Adventures for Creative Tourists to see what we can explore in the artistry of Washington DC!
Tour will be conducted through Zoom

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