Five Poisonous Plants of Washington

Good information for foragers, gardeners and herbalists to know!
If you’d like to forage in the wild, the first plants you should learn are the ones that can kill you. With a healthy respect for these deadly plants, you can forage with more confidence and safety. This class will focus on the identification, toxic symptoms and background of the five most poisonous plants in Washington with ample visuals to back it up. The plants are: poison hemlock, Indian hellebore, water hemlock, larkspur and foxglove. We’ll also briefly discuss some other toxic plants to watch out for including bittersweet nightshade and creeping buttercup. You’ll come away from this class with a solid base of information and some tools to help you identify these plants when you come upon them.
This class will be taught live on zoom using a powerpoint for visuals. Come ready to take notes and ask questions. I’ll send the powerpoint after class so you can have a good reference for the future.
DATE AND TIME: February 2, 2021, 6:30pm-8:30pm PST
COST: $30
TEACHER: Natalie H.
DISCLAIMER: The Adiantum School of Plant Medicine does not condone the harvest or use of these plants to cause harm to other humans or living creatures. This is an event for foragers who would like to forage safely without accidentally harvesting one of these plants.
TEACHER BIO: This class will be taught by me: Natalie Hammerquist. I was born and raised in the Seattle area, and have been foraging in the pacific northwest for 11 years. Herbalism is the primary lens from which I come to plants, but I also forage wild edibles, tend a garden, and make art from foraged things. My training is in field plant taxonomy and western folk herbalism. I have been teaching full time about herbalism and foraging for 4 years at my school, The Adiantum School of Plant Medicine. My students would agree that I am a quirky and authentic educator who values radical self acceptance, reciprocity in nature, and latin names for things. Ethics and stewardship are always at the root of my teaching. My inner nerd is excited to be acquainted with your inner nerd!

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