Expert Q&A: Preventing Parkinson’s

If you have a parent or other family member with Parkinson’s, you may have wondered whether you are at a greater risk for developing the disease.
But genetics is only one piece of the Parkinson’s puzzle – environmental and lifestyle factors also play an important and potentially preventable role in PD development.
Join a discussion with Ray Dorsey, MD, to learn about the factors that contribute to a Parkinson’s diagnosis and steps you can take to reduce your risk. This Expert Q&A is part of our Kids of Parkinson’s program, which supports the unique needs of people who have a parent with Parkinson’s
In 2021 join us for our virtual Expert Q&A series every second Tuesday of the month featuring experts discussing topics in Parkinson’s. Next up on Tuesday, March 9 at 12 pm PST: Expert Q&A: Gut Health and Parkinson’s with Dr. Bethany Tennant, ND CNS LMT NSM.
Expert Q&A series presented by Kyowa Kirin.
And register at for a special Kids of Parkinson’s Roundtable event on Thursday, February 11 at 6 pm PST featuring Jaydon Grant, Manju Bangalore and Mike McCastle.
About Ray Dorsey, MD
Dr. Ray Dorsey is the David M. Levy Professor of Neurology and Director of the Center for Health + Technology at the University of Rochester. The Center seeks to provide care and research opportunities to anyone anywhere. Ray and his colleagues have written Ending Parkinson’s Disease, a book that provides a prescription for ending this debilitating condition.
Ray previously directed the movement disorders division and neurology telemedicine at Johns Hopkins and worked as a consultant for McKinsey & Company. His research has been published in leading medical, neurology, and economic journals and has been featured on National Public Radio, in The New York Times, and in The Wall Street Journal. In 2015, the White House recognized him as a “Champion for Change” for Parkinson’s disease.

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