Downsizing/Decluttering Workshop

Thinking about downsizing or decluttering your home? Learn to tame, manage, and unclutter your home and get ready for your next adventure.
Thinking of downsizing or spring cleaning? As things change and remain uncertain in the outside world around us, there are ways we can create a little more peace in our indoor space. Join us as Certified KonMari Consultant, Kaydra Pixton, helps us explore the strategies for organizing our homes and making changes to bring harmony to your current lifestyle. Sponsored by Shannon Ilas Homes.
Kadra Pixton trained with Marie Kondo in London in 2019. She is now one of 600 certified KonMari consultants across 60 countries worldwide. She loves to help people transform their homes (and minds!) from places of confusion and overwhelm to places of simplicity, calm, and support. She supports her clients both in-home and virtually. Hear how she went from “hot mess mom” to “slightly less hot mess mom” on her Spark Joy podcast interview:

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