Digital Declutter: Email Ease

Three-part hands-on online workshop series helping solopreneurs and other creatives enjoy more ongoing Ease with their Emails.
Are you drowning in emails, or struggle to find ’em when you need ’em?
Do you resist, hesitate, or put off deleting emails?
Could you accomplish more in less time without the backlog?
You are SO not alone!
Face it: we’re online. All. The. Time.
We Search, Sort, or Ignore Until…. It’s an urgent problem.
Until our computers or our brains say.. NO MORE!
This is why professional organizer Sherri Curley and I co-created the Digital Declutter workshop series:
Email Ease
During this hands-on, supportive workshop, we’ll work with you to:
– Create more space in your inbox NOW
– Find what you need when you need it FASTER
– Decide what emails to keep or ditch
– Construct file and folder management that matches your needs
– Recognize and avoid common security hazards
– Feel liberated from the weight of digital clutter
Through hands-on activities, real-time examples, and in-the-moment tasks, Email Ease will help you make your computer work for you so you can do your work !
This workshop is for you if:
-You use your computer often for business and/or creative projects
-You have a working knowledge of your computer and email software
-You struggle to find the time – or a way that works – to organize your emails
-You know that it is time to clear out space but don’t know where to start
-You’re ready to turn your mind chatter about what you “should” be doing into action in a way that feels aligned with who you actually are
Live Trainings Schedule:
All three parts held on Tuesdays from 10-11am PST
Part 1: Jan 12
Part 2: Jan 26th
Part 3: Feb 2nd
This isn’t just a training, it is a hands-on experience.
We’ll be clearing out and organizing together , so you leave each class feeling lighter , accomplished , and supported .
Give yourself the gift of Email Ease, and sign up today!
Your future self will thank you.

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