Building Your Cold Water Safety Net

Most people have no idea that falling into cold water can kill you. This class shows you how to paddle safely on cold water.
Watch the Cold Shock and Swimming Failure video below for a quick overview of why an unprotected cold water immersion is a life-threatening event that frequently results in sudden drowning.
Immersion in cold water is immediately life-threatening for anyone not wearing thermal protection like a wetsuit or drysuit. However, paddling safely on cold water involves much more than just buying the right equipment. When you capsize, thermal protection is your survival gear , and you need to be intimately familiar with how it works. This class shows you how to build a solid cold water safety net using the National Center for Cold Water Safety’s Five Golden Rules.
You’ll learn about the pros and cons of wetsuits and drysuits, how to swim and field-test your gear, and how to anticipate cold water problems so you can prevent them before they occur. This is a must-take class for anyone who paddles when the water temperature is below 70F (21C).

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