Attracting Pollinators to the Urban Garden (Free Webinar)

Gardens are pollinated by a variety of insects that help flowers set seed and help fruit & vegetable plants produce an edible harvest.
Mostly familiar with European honey bees, few of us realize the numerous flies, beetles, moths and butterflies that might literally be at our doorsteps, providing critical pollination services. In this workshop you will learn about the different kinds of pollinators that might be living in your garden, discover a plant palette to help attract and support pollinators, and go beyond the bloom to consider ways to provide shelter, water, nesting, and overwintering sites.
Please note that this class will focus on the Willamette Valley in the Pacific Northwest region of the United States.
This FREE class is being held in a virtual classroom, that you can access through the internet or by phone. You must register at to receive the information on how to access the class.
Offered through the East Multnomah Soil & Water Conservation District (EMSWCD).

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