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The White SalmonArtsCouncil is thrilled to announce our springArtChat, withartist, designer and educatorJulieBeeler, April 28th5:30-7:30pm atThe Garagein Bingen, WA.ArtChatis a lecture series that celebrates the work of Pacific Northwestartists.
For manyartists, the creative process is confined to the studio.JulieBeeler negates these boundaries; her studio is the boundless natural world. The genesis of her work unfolds on treks in the Cascade Range or digging in the dirt on her organic flower farm. Beeler’s layered textile compositions incorporate natural dyes derived from these pursuits, teasing hues from foraged mushrooms and her own cultivated flowers and plants. The artworks’ earthen palette is furnished with botanical prints, stitching and embroidery. The resulting compositions evoke landscapes, both visible and veiled and recalls Alan Watts’ observation that “We do not “come into” this world; we come out of it, as leaves from a tree.” Beeler’s oeuvre does more than reflect her forested surroundings, it enlists the natural world as collaborator and compass to create portraits of time.
Beeler’s infectious curiosity extends to her passion for “educating others on how plants, fungi and their colors reflect the beauty of nature.” She hosts natural dye workshops at her flower farmBloom & Dyein Trout Lake, WA, and most recently launchedThe Mushroom Color Atlas, an evolving open-source index for natural dyes derived from fungi.The Mushroom Color Atlasis the first of its kind and serves as a resource and reference for those curious about producing their own mushroom dyes. It is Beeler’s hope that the Atlas will spur stewardship and inspire others “to learn more about the mycological world, and begin to understand the importance of the networks, connections and symbiotic relationships that live in our forests.” The website was recently nominated for aWebby Award.
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Apr 28 2022


5:30 pm - 7:30 pm

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