Aging, Fate, and Death in this Time of Plagues

An online event with Stan Tomandl and Ann Jacob
Aging Into Death (at any age), in a compassionate, conscious, process-filled way, is often superseded by dread of dying, in western society. When death avoidance dominates from unfamiliarity or overly heroic measures; our character, creativity, relationships, and wisdom and ways of being in the world may suffer.
How do we stay aware and open hearted to physical, emotional, spiritual, and relationship processes, while growing and suffering and celebrating?
$ 120 for three classes
Financial Equity rate available
What will I learn from this class?
1) Searching deeply into what Aging means for each of us, and how our process is a gift to our community.
2) How living our Fate more fully, can be medicine in this time of multiple ‘plagues’.
3) Exploring Death as practical and mystical guide for life.
To ensure a safe and confidential space for learning, this class only available via livestream.
No recording access to this class.
Event photo by Zoltan Tasi on Unsplash

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