A Forager’s Year in Washington

A walk through a year of foraging plants for food and medicine in western Washington, with Natalie Hammerquist.
Foraging is inextricably linked to the seasons and cycles of nature. There is a time a place for each thing you forage, and predicting that time and place is a deeply satisfying lifetime pursuit. In this class, I will walk you through what plants to forage for medicine and food during eight micro seasons in western Washington (with some reference to eastern WA plants). We’ll start in January, covering what’s happening and what to harvest in each season.
As I take you through a year of foraging, I hope to encourage you to find solace and connection with the land through your interactions with it. As a forager, you become not an observer, but a participant in the cycles of life. Your actions become more than just your own, impacting the systems you interact with. What kind of impact do you want to have?
This will be a live, online event held on zoom. This class is adapted for residents of the pacific northwest (WA, OR, BC), but feel free to join us from anywhere! I’ll have a powerpoint with LOTS of pictures from my years of foraging.
DATE: January 5, 2021
TIME: 6:30pm-8:30pm PST
LOCATION: Virtual (zoom)
COST: $30 per person.
TEACHER: This class will be taught by me: Natalie Hammerquist. I was born and raised in the Seattle area, and have been foraging in the pacific northwest for 11 years. Herbalism is the primary lens from which I come to plants, but I also forage wild edibles, tend a garden, and make art from foraged things. My training is in field plant taxonomy and western folk herbalism. I have been teaching full time about herbalism and foraging for 4 years at my school, The Adiantum School of Plant Medicine. My students would agree that I am a quirky and authentic educator who values radical self acceptance, reciprocity in nature, and latin names for things. Ethics and stewardship are always at the root of my teaching. My inner nerd is excited to be acquainted with your inner nerd!
For more information about The Adiantum School of Plant Medicine, visit www.adiantumschool.com.

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