2021 4th Annual Hood River 24hr Paddle for Cancer

Thank you to everyone that supported us for the 24 2019 and the start of the 2020 campaign that had to be cancelled due to Covid19. You have helped provide envelopes to 7 families locally in Hood River. We are about to embark on the 4th annual Hood River Monster and Sea 24hr paddle for cancer on May 15th – 16th. We hope you can join us on this journey and help us support those in need of that love and strength battling cancer.
Cancer is a taker. It wants everything from us – our health our confidence, our families. It is relentless. Statistics say 1 in 3 people will arm wrestle with cancer.
But what about the other 2 people? Our job is to stand in the gap. Fill that void with love, compassion and our ability to GO when our friends can’t.
This is what the 24 is all about. What cancer can’t touch is our spirit, our drive and our will to live every day to its fullest potential. A community of people giving back in a very grass roots way.
The 24 – History
The 24 was created by by Troy Nebeker from Monster and Sea. In the spring of 2015, 6 people in Seattle did a relay paddle for 24 hours to raise funds for families who were dealing with cancer. Their goal was to stuff 5 envelopes with $1000 each, and put those envelopes in the hands of people whose families were dealing with cancer. Through generous donations and support, they blew past their goal and raised over $7000, helping 7 families in the process. In 2016, the 24 grew to 7 groups of paddlers from all across the US and Canada, and as a group we raised a whopping $50,000, helping 50 families, each from the areas the paddles took place.
This year for Team Hood River’s 4th year – we have expanded and have a diverse team from all different backgrounds and walks of life ready to paddle for the cause over the course of 24hrs.
The 24 is about community
The 24 is not a race. It is designed as an event where a group of friends get together to inspire the community to help families dealing with the chaos of cancer.
Why is it 24hrs?
Because doing an activity for 24hrs is difficult. When you are dealing with cancer it is a 24/7 beast. It takes personal focus and being surrounded by your friends and family to battle and fight. While paddling in no way mimics that battle – focusing with friends, family and community for one purpose is very similar.
How we are going to do it
Our team will kickoff the event and paddle together from Event site at 9am on Saturday May15th. After that teams of paddlers will be trading off every hour until the event ends at 9am on Sunday May 16th.
What is the goal?
We are not a foundation or a charity – we don’t have red tape. Our goal is a simple one – fill envelopes with donations and get them in the hands of families dealing with the wrecking ball of cancer. It is a chance for us to give back and help make a difference in their lives.
How can you support?
You can support by making a donation, coming out to the event and paddling with us, cheering us on, and sharing this link with your family and friends. We will be super stoked by having you there with us and highly encourage you to come by and participate. All forms of support are greatly appreciated.
Please join us:
Location: Hood River Event Site (Steve’s beach – formerly known as Slackwater Beach)
Start: Saturday May 15th 9:00AM
Finish: Sunday May 16th 9:00 AM
This is a community event – you are all invited to join us – we would all love to see you there.
Many of us are paddling for a loved one that is immunocompromised – we request that all participants follow strict guidelines of social distancing at 6-8ft and mask wearing. We will have extra masks and hand sanitizer available but we would highly appreciate it if you brought your own.
Thank you for joining us and supporting the cause
Monster and Sea Team Hood River

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