Citizen Snow Response


As winter weather conditions persist in our area, community members are reminded that the clearing of sidewalks is the responsibility of adjacent residents. Thank you to the many citizens who have been diligent in their efforts to help ensure safe flow of traffic and protection of property by shoveling snow from sidewalks, wheelchair ramps and driveways.

While City crews are working hard to clear streets, citizens are asked to help:

  • Please sand and/or shovel sidewalks adjacent to your home or business. Safe passage must be cleared within the first two hours of daylight each day. As a safety precaution, shoveled snow must be piled on private property, not in the street.
  • Please use only pet-friendly, child-safe, salt-free deicer. The City only uses sand and rock because it works well to provide some traction with least harm. Studies show that rock salt and magnesium chloride will damage cement surfaces and harm the environment. While calcium chloride performs well as a deicer and is comparatively less harmful to the environment. Remember, stormwater runs directly into local creeks and rivers.
  • While you are shoveling snow from your sidewalk, also clear stormwater catch basin grates of ice and other debris to allow melt water to flow from street gutters into the stormwater collection system. Melt water can cause localized flooding or refreeze and cause a slip hazard if the catch basins are blocked.
  • Snow on cars parked on city streets should be removed so that plow operators will see the car.

If you need help with snow removal, call a contractor or contact a volunteer organization.

For more information about the Winter Weather Response Plan go to or contact the Public Works office at (541) 296-5401.

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