APOD: 2022 April 26 – Planet Parade over Sydney Opera House


APOD: 2022 April 26 – Planet Parade over Sydney Opera House<br />

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2022 April 26

The featured image shows four planets lined up behind the
Sydney Opera House in Australia. The image was taken five
days ago just before sunrise. 
Please see the explanation for more detailed information.

Planet Parade over Sydney Opera House
Image Credit & Copyright:
Prasun Agrawal

The world is waking up to a picturesque planet parade.

Just before dawn, the eastern skies over much of
planet Earth
are decorated by a notable line of familiar planets.

In much of Earth’s northern hemisphere, this
line of planets appears most
nearly horizontal,
but in much of
Earth’s southern hemisphere, the line appears more nearly vertical.

Pictured over the
Sydney Opera House in southern
the planet line was captured nearly vertical about five days ago.

From top to bottom, the morning planets are
Venus, and

As April ends, the angular distance between Venus and Jupiter will gradually pass below a degree as they switch places.

Then, as May ends,
Jupiter will pass near Mars as those two planets
switch places.

In June, the parade will briefly expand to include Mercury.

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