Andy Capp by Reg Smythe for March 20, 2021 |


@Linguist Today strip IS funny but again a repeat , our Hero Mr Andrew Capp has the cheek to disrespect the judge who is not amused and will fine and lock up the drunken little sot :o) my avatar again is my birth sign Leo roaring his head off because he is happy that he is still alive ,like I am because yesterday I nearly kicked the bucket while I was having my evening meal ,a piece of sausage got stuck in my craw and I could not breath luckily Connie managed to dislodge it , so all’s well that ends well :o{ , come avete passato il vostro sabato mio meno vecchio amicho? our day should be busy but calm I hope , no errands to run , the contactor won’t come before Monday , no visitors and we are both in a good mood and Connie is not a widow , yesterday was a public holiday in Malta , the fiest of St Joseph Jesus’s foster dad which reminds me of joke , a bloke stood before St Peter who holds the keys to heaven , but since the man used to blaspheme using St Pete’s name he refused him entry , but I am a devout worshiper of St Joseph the bloke said , just then St Joe was passing by and asked what the fuss was about , St Peter said that using his authority he was refusing entry to the bloke and if he disagreed he could get out of Heaven too , OK I’ll do that he said , , Mary bring the Kid we’re leaving :o) keep safe and enjoy your figolli pal

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