2/07 Goldendale City Council Meeting


The Goldendale City Council met last night, and heard an updated report from Ruby Irving, director of the Klickitat County Solid Waste Department and Michelle  Mulroney, recycling coordinator. They said they had several developments, including this from Mulroney:

“We have begun a new program called “Litter Getters,” like ‘Get ‘er done.’ We are also needing community members to help with this program. We can only collect so much litter, and the amount of litter in our county is out of control. So people can check out kits, and perform their own litter cleanup with their friends and neighbors, co-workers, and hopefully, we can get some of the trash cleaned off of our streets.”

She also said the department was planning a special collection program:

“That will be adding some additional materials. It will not be done through Republic Services. We’re gonna start out with two materials, being plastic bags, which will include other film products and bailing twine. And if those are successful, we’ll add in styrofoam as well.”

She added that good markets have developed for those products, but that they all have to be free from any contamination.

Councilors also heard from Corley McFarland of Precision  Approach Systems, the engineering firm that’s been helping with developments at the Goldendale Municipal Airport. He reminded them that they’d the big project is getting a fuel system put in, and that last April they had ordered construction of the necessary tanks, and, though there had been some delays due to supply chain disruptions, work was progressing. But bids to do the site preparations came in last September way over budget. Since then. he said his firm has been busy:

“The specific homework we were given were this airspace analysis and then redesigning the fuel system site development work to reduce the cost and bring them within the grant funds. And then refkine the layout compatible with some of the current hangar development interests. And then we lso took the action item to evaluate the work that could be performed by others. Specifically, some things the city could take on to reduce those development costs.”

And, finally, though council members voted last year to double their salaries from $100 to $200 a month, they learned last night that state law prevents them from taking those raises until after the next election, after voters have had a chance to replace them with people who didn’t vote themselves a raise.

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